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OpenVino Installation troubles



I'm following the steps showed in in order to install Openvino  in a Centos 7.6.

All goes fine but when the but after to Install Intel PAC and the Intel Programmable Acceleration Card Stack I can check that some directories are missing comparing with the guide tells:

- Intel Quartus software Programmer: ~/tools/inteltrestack/intelFPGA_pro/qprogrammer

- OpenCL Run Time Environment: ~/tools/intelrtestack/intelFPGA_pro/aclrte-linux64
- Intel Acceleration Stack for FPGAs: ~/tools/intelrtestack/a10_gx_pac_ias_1_2_p

However my directory is showed so:

[xxx@xxxx ~]# ls /home/xxx/tools/intelrtestack/

a10_gx_pac_ias_1_2_pv  a10_gx_pac_ias_1_2_pv.tar.gz  opencl_rte

Where is the Intel Quartum and OpenCl directories?

Thanks in advance.


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Dear Vicente, Jose,

Can you kindly instead follow this guide ?

Be careful not to miss any steps.

Sometimes people forget to do the install dependencies step.

Hope it helps.

Thanks !




Hi Shubha,

Sorry but I omitted to say you that I previously followed all the steps in the guide: .

Apparently all the tests on the FPGA were fine but I had to do some fixes in relation with the guide:

1. - "Select Y to install OPAE and accept license and when asked, specify ~/tools/intelrtestack as the install path. During the installation there should be a message stating the directory already exists as it was created in the first command above. Select Y to install to this directory. If this message is not seen, it suggests that there was a typo when entering the install location."

 - I've never been asked about directory already exist (the installation path was correct).

- ~/tools/intelrtestack/intelFPGA_pro was not created and Intel® Quartus® software Programmer was not installed. However I found the opencl packages in this location: /home/xxxx/tools/intelrtestack/opencl_rte/aclrte-linux64.

I had to make a symbolic link: tools/intelrtestack/intelFPGA_pro/aclrte-linux64 -> /home/xxxx/tools/intelrtestack/opencl_rte/aclrte-linux64

Install Intel® PAC and the Intel® Programmable Acceleration Card Stack (rte mode),  checking his script I could see that the Intel Quartus installation lines are commented by default,  if I uncoment these lines then the script gives errors

How could I install Quartus on rte mode?

2. Add Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit with FPGA Support to Environment Variables

export IE_INSTALL="/opt/intel/openvino/deployment_tools"

source \$IE_INSTALL/../bin/

export PATH="\$PATH:\$HOME/inference_engine_samples/intel64/Release"

alias mo="python3.6 \$IE_INSTALL/model_optimizer/"

but  $HOME/inference_engine_samples/intel64/Release does not exist. I had to put /inference_engine_samples_build (  make install by hand of this directory ? )

Maybe I'm omitting one step but I reviewed it a couple of times.

Thanks in advance.

Jose V.




Dear Vicente, Jose

 Please find attached to this ticket the updated documentation. 

The Quartus programmer is not needed for the Programmable Acceleration Card install and can safely be ignored. The location of the OpenCL Run Time Environment is incorrect. The correct path is ~/tools/intelrtestack/opencl_rte/aclrte-linux64

Also, it looks like you couldn’t find inference_engine_sample and so you correctly replaced it with inference_engine_sample_build. This is also reflected in the attached update.

Sorry for the trouble and I hope it helps,