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Problem with get_tensor_by_name ()

Hello to all,


I looked in the existing discussions but I did not find discussions approaching my problem where then I did not see it and I apologize.


So here is my problem, I am trying to make the image classification in real time with a hybrid approach, I take a CNN, I cut it in the penultimate layer and I replace the back layer with an SVM.


However, when I use the get_tnsor_by_name () function I always find myself with a tensor or operation error that does not exist in the graph.


I followed the following tutorial:


But nothing works, so I wanted to know if it was possible to cut the graph when using the key Movidius (because I have no problem to do that without the key).


Have a good day.

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@KitsuneM Are you trying to cut the network by taking the output and placing the output in a SVM running as a separate network or cut and add the SVM into the network itself? If it is the latter, it would likely require you to do it during training. I haven't done this myself, but let us know if you get it working. Thanks.

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Hello Tome,


My program is divided into two parts, the first is to recover the features and labels of my images. I write the features in one file and the labels in another. To recover the features I cut the graph at the penultimate layer and I recover what it gives me.


Then when I have these two files, I give them as a parameter to an SVM that will take care of doing the training, I do not try to add the SVM to the graph.


In addition I noticed that I can not use all types of graph, which can be a disadvantage, like the graph ".pb".


For now it still does not work.