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Question about run sample on the ARM-64bit system



I planned to run the sample "object_detection_sample_ssd" on an ARMv8l-64bit system(Ubuntu 18.04).

Cause Openvino cannot be simply compiled by the 64bit ARM, I tried to do cross compiling making use of a Rasberry 3B (CPU is 32bit ARMv7l), for it already supported OpenVino. I planned to copy the binary files compiled by Rasberry 3B onto 64bit ARMv8l.

First I modified,, and cmakelists files on the Raspberry. After compilation was completed, the program was testified to be run well on Raspberry. So I copied all the built binary files including library files on to ARMv8l. Then I installed some 32bit standard libraries on the ARMv8l, i.e. libstdc:armhf & lib32stdc++6, to make the 64bit CPU compatible with 32bit program.

When the binary file was run on the ARMv8l, the system seems to succeed recognizing the program, but then an error was reported for it cannot open a shared .so library file "", other .so files could be used only except this .so, the prompt output was as follows:error report.png

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Did you install libusb1.0 of armhf architecture on you arm64 system?

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