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Supported primitive descriptors list is empty for node: Mean


I am porting a pyhong cv program into c++. It includes two models.

When I run my ported program with first model, it works fine.

Anyway, when I trying to run it with a second model, an error occured:


terminate called after throwing an instance of 'InferenceEngine::details::InferenceEngineException'
  what():  Supported primitive descriptors list is empty for node: Mean


it happens in this code line:
    result.exe_net = plugin.LoadNetwork(cnn_network, {});


I looked everywhere else but seems no one experienced same issue.

Some one told me to use latest openvino, but I am already using it. (using file: l_openvino_toolkit_p_2019.1.094.tgz)


Also I am guesssing that maybe something wrong with my xml file, so i post the "Mean part" here see if anyone can see something into it.

        <layer id="1" name="Mean" precision="FP32" type="Pooling">
            <data exclude-pad="true" kernel="40,140,1" pads_begin="0,0,0" pads_end="0,0,0" pool-method="avg" rounding-type="ceil" strides="1,1,1"/>
                <port id="0">
                <port id="1">



Any thought or suggestion ?

Thanks a lot!

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