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Training with the Mobilenet_v1_0.5_128 pretrained network.


I'm attempting to train a new data set using the Mobilenet_v1_.5_128 pretrained network. I have a few questions.


1) based on the tutorial here which I've already followed, I need a .config file for the training. Where do I find one that will work with Mobilenet_v1_.5_128 which I found at this link It does not come with a .config file that I can modify to point at my tensorflow records, etc


In the tutorial above, the .config file came from this repo which has a number of .config files. I'm assuming that the .config file should line up with the network I'm using.


2)Image size, can I use higher resolution images? for instance, I have images that are 1280x720. I understand training will take longer, but is it still possible to train with this image size?

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