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Zero values of temperature received using C/C++ API v1 on Linux.

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I am trying to receive temperature using C/C++ APIv1 on Linux.


I added mvncGetDeviceOption function in run.cpp file of GoogLeNet example next to the mvncGetResult function. To make similar example as you adviced with python example in this ticket:


There is no more MVNC_NO_DATA error.


But I only receive two values in my array and both are zero values. I filled array with an initial values and first two values changed to 0.


If I run python example it returns one value about 40 degrees, thats fine. But why do I receive zeroes in CPP modification of the same example?


Anyway, the main goal of this research is to launch C/C++ API v1 library in Linux first and then get temperature on "Windows" using it.


So, this question would not be interested if you may help with another ticket about temperature in Windows:
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Hi @MaxShtaba


Try inserting the following code on one of the examples as we did in python. I was able to get a successful temperature reading.


float* data; unsigned int dataLength; retCode = mvncGetDeviceOption(deviceHandle, MVNC_THERMAL_STATS, &data, &dataLength); if (retCode == MVNC_OK){ printf("Device Temperature: %f\n", data[0]); }


Hope this helps!




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Hi, @Jesus_at_Intel


Thank you for your answer, but I didn't try that. I solved the problem with another approach.



I succeeded to create the mixed c++ project, using the source code of APIv1 for Windows and APIv2 for Linux and now we are able to receive the temperature on Windows. Unfortunately, the Movidius firmware for APIv2, that I am using does not support Stick v2 and is not compatible with OpenVino's firmware. But we can use it now for a while.



Best Regards.