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allocate_with_fifo not working


I was trying to work with multiple graphs on a single stick for inference and followed every instruction on the discussion boards, looked at the ncapzoo examples but i am unable to allocate fifo for multiple graphs even though i am working with ncsdk 2 . I tried a lot and searched everywhere but to no avail. Any suggestions. I keep on running in this error:


" Attribute Error : 'Graph' object has no attribute 'allocate_with_fifos' "


I don't understand why this error is coming as i am using ncsdk version 2. Any suggestions how to go about it.


Same is the case with "queue_inference_with_fifo_elem" . Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you in advance.


P.S. : I am working on a Ubuntu 16.04 VM on a windows 10 host. Though i don't believe that has any relevance here.

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