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convert_imageset: not found

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I'm trying to apply the tutorial "deploying custom caffe models on Intel NCS".


I have an issue about dataset preparation, when I execute "make" within the folder /dogsvscats, there is the following error 127:




Creating labels file…


Done. See /opt/movidius_CZOO/ncappzoo/apps/dogsvscats/data/train/train.txt & val.txt


echo "Creating lmdb files…"


Creating lmdb files…


Creating train lmdb…


./ 45: ./ /build/tools//convert_imageset: not found


Makefile:30: recipe for target 'lmdb' failed


make: *** [lmdb] Error 127




The Caffe Path is:


"export CAFFE_PATH=/opt/movidius_CZOO/ncappzoo/caffe"


Please, do you have a suggestion?


Thank you

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