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Magento 2 in Multi-Node and AWS EFS: Deployment of static content



We're running Magento 2 on AWS behind an Application Load Balancer and in Auto Scaling Groups. Backend is cached by Redis. We're sharing pub/media and pub/static on AWS EFS and they are cached and delivered via AWS CloudFront. After updates, instances are deployed and an AMI is generated which serves as a template for Auto Scaling.

This ensures all instances have all the data and caches are warmed up. In general, everything runs smoothly and fast, because only a few of all the requests reach <removed> the nodes itself.

One big problem is when deploying new static content. Due to the nature of EFS, this is slow as hell and means a lot of downtimes. Luckily, we only have 1-2 deployments per month, but this bothers me a lot.

What are better strategies (best practices?) to generate static content and share it between instances?

Or would it be sufficient if I use the normal file system for pub/static, generate the AMI-image and spin up these instances in Auto Scaling? pub/static shouldn't change without deployment?

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Your same exact question appeared at multiple places on the internet. This also appears not related to Intel product. Let me know if I misjudge your question and please provide more details. We will be happy to assist you. Thanks.

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