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Another problem for merging two projects of different project types

Dear Sir/Madam:
Ifeel veryexcited and appreciated to receive your reply so soon.
"Is it possible to merge two projects of different project types?"-----
I now have two independent projects(each project can be executed properly), one project (call itProject A)is of Fortran Windows Application type, which creates a dialog box as its main interface; another project (call it Project B)is of Fortran QuickWin Applications type, which creates a main window (with menu) and a child window as its interface, and graphics can be drawn on the child window. My PROBLEM is whether it's possible to merge the Project A into Project B to reach the purpose that when I push a button on the dialog box of Project A, then the windows interface of Project B can be displayed.
The above PROBLEM is the one I have asked last time. But I found
that I forgot one important thing for this problem, that is thereexists data transfer between this two projects. I want to reach another purpose that
when I input data to dialog box of Project A, after calculating by the procedure, the result data can be saved and transfered to the windows interface for drawing graphics, that is: the data I use for drawing graphics on windows
interfaceof Project B is obtained from the input data to the dialog box of
Project A after some calculation.
If you still have some ideas and suggestions for this problem,
please help me!
Great thanks to you again!
Yours Sincerely:
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