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Associate Construct

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I see that for the program below, 2018 update 1 gives a compile time error. (compilers until 2017 update 4 didn't do so. Haven't tested it with update 5 and 6.) Just checking if it indeed "as per standard".



      Program Test
         Implicit None
         Type newOBJ
            Integer :: I
         End Type newOBJ
         Type(newOBJ) :: OBJ
         Associate(This => OBJ, I => This%I) ! Use of "This" is not allowed? Is that correct?
               I = 1
         End Associate
         ! The lines below would be what is needed
         !Associate(This => OBJ)
         !   Associate(I => This%I)  ! Breaking it into two separate associates is allowed; other option would be to use OBJ%I
         !      I = 1
         !   End Associate
         !End Associate
      End Program Test

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Yes, this is intended, per naming scoping rules.

The associate-name has the scope of the block of the ASSOCIATE construct, and so doesn't become "live" until inside the ASSOCIATE itself. 

Your nested ASSOCIATE would be the correct solution ( or, to use OBJ%I, as you stated, too )


PS: You won't see this message in a 17.x compiler; the fix only went into 18.0 and later.