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Calling DLL in VB 2015


I have a DLL which has been generated by Intel Fortran 2008 and an Excel file that calls\runs that DLL. Now, I'm trying to call that DLL in Visual Basic 2015 but I have a problem with the memory mismatch. The function within that DLL is "solutionize" that I am trying to call.

The source code for "solutionize" subroutine\DLL is attached. The command "MS$ ATTRIBUTES STDCALL" has been used.

You can find "solutionize" in the DLL file using the DumpBin command, please see the attached file. The name is: _solutionize@116

There is an Excel file calls the DLL and run the subroutine I'm interested in successfully. You can find the Excel file commands in attached files.

Now, I'm trying to call the subroutine\DLL in Visual Basic using Visual Studio 2015. I have tried many combinations and none worked. I have attached one example. Does anyone have any revision to the attached file for the loading and calling the subroutine\DLL in VB?

Looking forward to hear your suggestions.

PS1: I do have all the source codes, but I cannot compile them. The team who wrote them cannot compile them either. I tried Intel Fortran 2015, Absoft and the GFortran and I ran into different issues with each of them. This was compiled last with Intel 2008.


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