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Code Error

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program test
 ! The following USE statement provides Fortran interfaces to Windows routines
! Begin data declarations
 integer lines,length
 logical status
 integer fhandle
 Type(T_COORD) wpos
! Set buffer size variables
 length = 80
 lines = 90
! Begin executable code
! Allocate a console
 status = AllocConsole() ! get a console window of the currently set size
 fhandle = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE)
 wpos.x = length ! must be >= currently set console window line length
 wpos.y = lines ! must be >= currently set console window number of lines
 ! Set a console buffer bigger than the console window. This provides
 ! scroll bars on the console window to scroll through the console buffer
 status = SetConsoleScreenBufferSize(fhandle, wpos)
 ! Write to the screen as needed. Add a READ to pause before deallocation
 write (*,*) "This is the console output! It might display instructions or data "
 write (*,*) " "
 write (*,*) "Press any key when done viewing "
 read (*,*)
! Deallocate the console to free its resources.
 status = FreeConsole() 

end program test

page 85 of the manual there is a spelling mistake on line 15 of the above code. 

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it will fail on a 64 bit build  as fhandle is hard coded at 32 bit.....

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It did not work at all.  Suggestions to make it 32 and 64 bit.  But I just tested in 32 and 64 bit and it appears to work on both.

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Thanks, @JohnNichols. I submitted a bug report, DOC-10919.

I declared fhandle as a 64bit INTEGER, too, to eliminate that warning message. That message might just confuse a novice.

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John, there is an integer kind called HANDLE specified in multiple of the Windows modules (e.g.kernel32).

  integer(HANDLE) :: fhandle

Jim Dempsey

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have to work out how EXCEL uses t Stat in their Linear Regression analysis.  Has to be code somewhere.  

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Typo fixed in the next release of the DGR (Developer Guide and Reference). It'll be available later this spring.

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