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Configuring ifort after install?


I recently installed ifort (version 2019, update 2) on an i7 computer running Scientific Linux 7 (this is Red Hat 7, recompiled and released for high-energy physics folks). Install went ok and ifort is present in /opt/intel/bin, but the software paths don't seem to be configured properly. ie, when I run "ifort" from the command line, the shell responds that the command isn't found.


Running the config scripts doesn't seem to help, eg

[root@toulouse ~]# cd /opt/intel/bin/

[root@toulouse bin]# ./ -arch intel64 -platform linux

[root@toulouse bin]# ifort

bash: ifort: command not found...


[root@toulouse parallel_studio_xe_2019]# pwd


[root@toulouse parallel_studio_xe_2019]# ./

Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2019 Update 2 for Linux*

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[root@toulouse parallel_studio_xe_2019]# ifort

bash: ifort: command not found...


Apologies, as this is probably the wrong forum to ask in.


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