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Crafty AI spam bots


I just removed a post, a reply to a thread here, that on the surface looked legitimate.  The Community Forum spam filter flagged it as Spam.  It appeared to be a reasonable reply to one of our threads - technically valid, well written, followed the thread topics and Fortran as well!  But in the post was a link that looked like a link to a Fortran benchmark example - but was in fact a link to a spam Lottery related website out in SE Asia somewhere.


The Spambots have ChatGPT, and apparently they speak compilers and Fortran.

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Actually, I marked that post as spam at 7:05am eastern time (3 hours ago).


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]


@AlHill Thank you for your keen eye.  One really has to be on alert with everything online these days.  Again, my thanks on behalf of all of us on this Forum.

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Thanks.  That is why I get paid the big bucks.

I cannot say if that post was written by chatgpt or any such tool.  If it was, it has a lot to learn about how to create spam.  The link was viewable in plain sight.  The same spammer actually posted on April 12.  No spam, but I marked it as spam anyway, as we do not need him climbing the ranking ladder, thus gaining credibility


There has been an increase in these so-called "helpful" posts recently.  At first, the post is harmless, and used to establish credibility.  Then, after several days, the spammer starts to post with links.  The difficult spam is where you will not see any link or the link is well obfuscated.  Those are the tough ones.


What is irritating is the employees and moderators that respond to the spam, without even checking the link to see if it is spam.


Doc (your spam checker since 2009)

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Well written should have been the key to the fact it was AI generated, people do not consistently write well, they write in their idiom. 

Some one will soon, if they have not already do a stat analysis  and write an AI checker. 

Anyone who sells the use of an AI program is an idiot.  The potential legal consequences are horrific. 

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Heck, I reported one today whose text started out with "I am a large language model...."

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The other thing that AI is being used now is to defeat ReCaptcha.  The bots can now automatically sign up new accounts.  I've had to revert to email requests for new accounts on my WordPress site.


Welcome to the brave new world of AI! 

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