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First of all, let me introduce myself I am engineer. I am developing the mooring analysis program using the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Professional Edition for Windows which is installed on the Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017(C#).

I have been compiling this program to use the Fortran Libraries (- Runtime Library : Multithreaded) and Fortran Language (- Process OpenMP Directives : Disable) to make “ssc.dll” file.

The following is head of program.


FUNCTION IMOORLNG(InputFile, OutFile1, OutFile2, OutFile3,

     *                drope,    List_a, listcount,

     *                dolName1, dolname2, dolname3,

     *                dolName4, dolname5, dolname6,

     *                dolName7, dolname8, dolname9,

     *                dolName10, dolname11, dolname12,

     *                dolName13, dolname14,

     *                dolCount, errstr)



I tried to call this ssc.dll in the main program of the C# base. However, it did not call ssc.dll.

Please help me how to call this ssc.dll.

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Please show us the C# code you used.  Did you get any kind of run-time error, or did it just appear to do nothing? Other than the use of obsolete fixed-form, I don't spot anything wrong in the Fortran code you posted. has a worked example - take a look at this and compare to your code to see if you can spot the problem.

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When I call Fortran routines from C# I need to include the following information in the .cs file, which might help you.  I add "using System.Runtime.InteropServices;" at the top of the *.cs file:

using System.Runtime.InteropServices;


I declare an interface to the Fortran subroutine by adding the DllImport parameter and a declaration with the arguments for the routine that will be called.


static extern void my_subroutine_name_in_dll(ref int my_scalar_variable, int[] my_integer_array, ....);


I have found that I can omit the .dll file extension in the DllImport statement and the Windows or Linux OS will find the file when the DLL is located with the main program executable.  I pass all arguments by reference from C# to Fortran.  Scalars need the "ref" keyword in the declaration. Arrays are passed by reference by default.

Regards, Greg

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