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Eclipse Integration - F90 vs f90

Minor quirk with the Eclipse integration. I ported a Fortran solution from Windows to a Linux Eclipse workspace. The source files on the Windows side had a mixture of file names ending with .f90 and .F90. I am aware that the extension on the Linux side is case sensitive where the .F90 implies preprocess the file. The Windows Solution use (required) preprocessing. On the Eclipse side, I also checked the preprocess file. Now for the quirk...

The files ending with .F90 were not recognized as Fortran files, and thus make was selected to build, and had no build rule for .F90 files. By renaming the file(s) to have .f90 extensions, build would select ifort, and the build would succeed.

A second (lesser) quirk is the icon to the left of the files under src folder show .c (as opposed to an expected .f).

While I understand that Eclipse integration is not the responsibility of Intel, others here may forward this information on to those who can take action on this.

Jim Dempsey

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