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Error: VS Common tools

Hello all, I am trying to install Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 update 5 on a brand new windows 10 Pro machine. I have installed Visual Studio 2015 and I am able to run the installer for Intel Parallel with no errors on install. However, when I launch the intel compiler CMD window, I am getting: error: cannot determine the location of the VS common tools folder. I have tried research and I am at a loss why I'm having this problem.
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Try this:

Instead of launching the , Right-Click on the shortcut, then click Properties. Copy the Target and paste into Notepad, also copy the Start in, and paste into Notepad. Then launch the Intel compiler CMD window (getting the error), and enter:


Followed by Enter. This will display all the environment variables beginning with the letter I.

Drag the lower border of the CMD window down such that you see all of the output from the SET I command.

Right-Click on the title bar of the CMD window. Select Edit, Select All, Enter. Then paste this into the Notepad window.

The copy the entire contents of the Notepad window to the Copy/Past buffer, and paste into this form.

By the way, can you build and run a Fortran Hello World program from VS 2015?

Jim Dempsey

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