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Fortran 77 with ifort


Is there a way to specify to use F77 as language standard for the OneAPI fortran compiler?


I see that we can pass a flag to compile for 90/2008/2018, etc.  but I didn't see one for F77.

ifort -std90 /p/app/compilers/helloworld.f90 -o helloworld
ifort -std08 /p/app/compilers/helloworld.f90 -o helloworld
ifort -std18 /p/app/compilers/helloworld.f90 -o helloworld


Is there a way to specifically compile for F77, or does OneAPI consider 90/95/2003 a superset of F77?  If 90/95/2003 is a superset then is all features and extensions of F77 supported or is there some depreciated features?


For example, GNU G77 was once a standalone compiler, but once it got combined with the all in one GNU gfortran, some of the F77 extensions was depreciated.




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