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Fortran linear algebra functions

I am using a Fortran 90 code that contains dgemm, dgemv and dgesvd functions.

When I compile the code these functions are not found and I was wondering how can I import these functions.

I've read something about LAPACK but I did not understand what steps are required to properly install it.

Thanks a lot for the support.



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You need to read the manual

You need to read the manual and use the correct linking statements. It is a long slow tedious business, but the manuals are good. Asking these questions in a forum will illicit few responses as it is a tolerably simple question.  PS you can spend hours solving these problems, best to keep a notebook of steps. 


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The subprograms that you

The subprograms that you listed are present in the MKL library, which contains BLAS, Lapack and a lot of other packages.

There is a setting in the Visual Studio project menu to specify that the MKL library should be used when linking.

If building from the command line, try the /Qmkl compiler option. For more elaborate cases, consult the MKL Link Line Advisor ( .

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