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Forum defaults to wrong language


Sorry this is not a Fortran question (I could not find an appropriate subforum about website support).

For me, this forum always defaults to the Russian language in Chrome, and every time I click a page I have to right click to translate back to English. I'm not anywhere near Russia so I have no clue why this is happening.

No other website I visit has this problem: Just Intel Communities forum.

Any ideas how to get it to default to English?


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I have had this happen to me (with different languages at different times).


At the very top of the page, you will see the Intel logo at the top left, and a Search Intel button at the top right. To the left of that button, you will see the icon of a globe. Click on that and choose the language.

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This does not work for me because I don't see any bar at the top of the web page with an Intel logo on the left and a globe icon on the right.  (My company blocks links ending in .ru).   What worked for me was to use another browser (Firefox) to access the forums, then log in.  My password had expired and once I reset it I was able log into the forums under Chrome, and after I logged in the forums were in English instead of Russian.

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 I experience a similar thing, but in my case it is Portuguese (I do not know which dialect ;)). While my country is on the continent as Portugal, to travel there I would cross at least three different countries. The forum turns to English when I log in.

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My Chrome also got stuck in Russian, and the globe isn't there to get it back.  My workaround was to add "?profile.language=en" to the end of the URL to force it back to English.  It stays as English after that for me.  Hope this helps someone with the same problem.