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Help me make this project run

Hi all,

I need to get this project running. It's an iterative method called GMRES and It's written in Fortran 77.

I've downloaded the source code from:

The downloaded zip file is called

I put the files in Visual Studio and tried compiling but I'm getting errors. Please help me get it to run.

I've attached my VS project where I'm tried running it.

Thank you.


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Black Belt Retired Employee

Remove either zDriver.f or zTestgmres.f from the project. Both of these are main programs. But when I build the way you have it, I don't get all the undefined symbol errors. Maybe you added the wrong source files? (You didn't include the sources with the ZIP.)

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Thank you Steve. It turned out I really had zTestgmres.f and zDriver.f in the same project and they were both main programs.

Great spotting of this error of mine.

Edit: something strange is happening. My source files are blas.f, zPackgmres.f, zTestgmres.f

The program ends by saying that there should be output files but none of the files appear. I wonder if the program executed everything as it should...

Edit2: It works great. Thank you Steve. Until next time...

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