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I find it impossible to install the trial version of Fortran compiler. Why would Intel make it so difficult? When you download you get a dmg file which is not openable. Then I figured out I had to decompress it and had to install 7zip (of course, there was no explanation of this). But there are no executable files in this decompression set! I looked every folder. What to do? I read all the instructions including the Intel installation guide. Not a word about how to start the installation! Then it was also a bear to get on this forum. Crazy symbols needed for a password that no one will be able to remember. As though I was logging in to a billion dollar bank account.

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Sorry to hear that you had

Sorry to hear that you had problems installing. Intel Parallel Studio XE on Mac installs in the same manner as most MacOS applications. You're right, though, that there are not explicit instructions on how to install in the product release notes - I will ask that that be rectified. Here's the text from a previous version:

If you received the compiler product on DVD insert the DVD. Locate the disk image file (xxx.dmg) on the DVD and double-click. If you received the compiler product as a download, double-click the downloaded file. When the disk image opens, double-click on the xxx.mpkg
file to begin installation. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

Password security is an increasingly important issue nowadays. Your password here is also, usually, your Intel Premier Support password so it is important that it be strong and not shared with other logins on the web. I highly recommend using a password manager that can generate and remember strong passwords that are different for each site. My favorite is LastPass which is free and supported on a wide range of platforms.

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