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ICE in ifx with array slice of deferred length character variable

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The following code gives an ICE in ifx 2023.0.0 20221201.

It seems to be essential that variable x is polymorphic.

Remark: this bug has been mentioned on, but I could not find it here, nor any short reproducer.


program string_slice

type :: t
   character(len=:), allocatable :: cs
end type t
class(t), allocatable :: x

allocate(t :: x)
x%cs = 'abcdef123456'
print *, first(x%cs(7:))


function first(cs) result(d)
   character(len=1) :: d
   character(len=*), intent(in) :: cs
   d = cs(1:1)
end function first

end program string_slice


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I have now encountered a very similar problem. No ICE, but the produced code gives a wrong result.

The result of a concatenation 'x%cs // y%cs(lower:upper)' is computed (x and y of type(t) from above), but with the wrong section from y%cs. In fact, the section y%cs(1:upper-lower+1) is appended. The provided lower bound "lower" is ignored, the length of the section is correct.

Unfortunately I do not yet have a small reproducer for this problem. When I touch the routine where the y%cs character value is actually assigned, I run into the ICE mentioned above. The hopefully this is related.


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Good news! The ICE is gone in an internal version of ifx. The version with the fix is planned for release in the spring.

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