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Intel Fotron compiler Internal Error



I randomly get the attached error in my Jenkins build logs, simply rerunning the  build often works however this happens approx 1hour in to a 1.5 hour build so is a touch painful.

I am new to the Fortran compiler so don't really understand the error.


Does the Fortran compiler have its own logs? if so How do I find them?

Can one shed some light on the possible source of this error?

12:10:35  131><pathtofile>restln.for(69): internal error: Please visit '' for assistance.
12:10:35  131>^
12:10:35  131>[ Aborting due to internal error. ]
12:10:35  131>ifort: error #10298: problem during post processing of parallel object compilation
12:10:35  131>compilation aborted for <pathtofile>restln.for (code 1)


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Internal compiler errors are always problems of the compiler itself, no matter how bad the code is. It is often possible to restructure the code such that it does not trigger that particular internal error, but it should actually be solved at the root.

That said, what may be of importance is the second line: parallel object compilation.

The build process would become longer of course, but can you turn off the parallel compilation? I am not familiar with that possibility, but I would guess at some race condition in the compiler that causes the ICE.

How is this arranged? Could an alternative be to use the make utility in parallel mode?

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