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Intel Inspector 2020 Not Showing Source Code with Error




This is my first try at using Intel Inspector to help debug my Fortran code. I've got my Debug code compiling error free, I presume the Inspector Properties is configured correctly (not much guidance on that, even in the tutorials). The Inspector is started, it analyses & finds errors (as expected) but when I go to inspect the errors, the only code reference is the Assembly code with the complaint: "Symbol information not found ". AFAIK, I have the location of the executable & source code listed in the Project Properties but I'm not sure as to what 'Symbols' it is referring to. Seeing the assembly code does me little good when trying to correct Fortran...but the online tutorial shows Fortran code visible. What needs to be doe to get that to happen?




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Intel Inspector forum is here: Analyzers - Intel Community

My experience is that most errors Inspector finds show a location in the run-time library called from user code - for example, issues with memory allocation. You can use the controls to go "up the stack frame" to user code. Do be aware that Inspector is very C-oriented and tends to produce a lot of false-positive complaints with Fortran code. It is still useful, but you have to learn which "errors" are real and which are not.

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