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Intel Math Libraries: Differences and Upgrade questions


Hi, I'am a bit confuse about the differences of these libraries:
1- Intel IMSL
2- Intel Parallel Studio XE
3- Intel Performance Libaries (free)
4- Intel Math Kernel (that's inside Performance Libraries)

Question 1:
Intel Performance Libraries already have the IMSL functions inside it? Can I uninstall de IMSL and replace it by Performace Libraries?

Question 2:
What are de differences between this 3 math libraries?

Question 3:
May be my company cannot pay enough to buy a ideal and complete new pack of development software like:
Visual Studio 2019 Professional + Parallel Studio XE 2019.

If my Fortran-90 team continue to develop their Fortran-90 subroutines using Visual Studio 2008 + IMSL, what will be the possible software problems that I will have?
May be no compatibility with some OS?
Or not good compile/link from x86 to x64 architecture?
Could you give a help?

Question 4:
Can I use the IMSL Library without Intel Fortran Compiler?
May be using gFortran?


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