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Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition - How to find older editions, e.g. 16.0.1 ?


We've held an active license file for many years, and have generally used a very old version of the compiler (2013 sp1.u2.176) in routines with Abq / VS.

This year we've had some success with newer versions of the applications, but have hit an issue with one build of Abq. Simulia support have informed us that only v16.0.1 of the ifort compiler is supported.

In my download centre, I can only see back to 2018u2. Is there any way of accessing 16.0.1?


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Search the forum. this question is asked (and answered) repeatedly.



"Answered" is a generous description of previous post outcomes. A prior search had been done and as my post mentions, i'd checked my download centre. As we purchase the license via a reseller, the other common answer of 'contact Intel support' didn't apply. I thought in addition to an open enquiry with the reseller, i'd poll the forum for something useful.


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"cgg": I'm afraid that this forum is not set up to help you with Abaqus.

When Abaqus (or whichever company owns it today) says, "only v16.0.1 of the ifort compiler is supported", you should not infer that "no other version of the Ifort compiler is supported" or that "compiler xyz is not supported". What they seem to imply is ,"If you have this version, our documentation tells you what to do. If you want to try some other version, don't ask us, go elsewhere or do it on your own."

Based on the large number of Abaqus inquiries that I have seen in this forum over the years, I have the impression that their support for compilers is inadequate for the cross-section of their clientele who come to this forum as a fallback option. Even the documentation of Abaqus seems to be available only to registered members.

The majority of posts in this forum are from members who are users of Intel software products, not Intel personnel. Questions regarding Intel compilers are answered quite well and in a reasonable time frame. Questions regarding third party products are sometimes answered, but such responses cannot be expected as a matter of course.

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If you have a current licence 'contact Intel support'  does very much apply that is the only thing a current licence gives you these days. Try doing a google on "intel fortran older version"  this question you asked as asked and answered repeatedly.