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Interesting problem

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About 3 years ago I was playing with a program that does Stability Functions for structural analysis.  I know I posted to this forum about this program called Borr. As part of the work I was looking at a shell element by Felippa.  A great element -- anyway, someone has stumbled across the posting and is asking me about the posting - very specific questions -- I cannot find the posting searching through all my posts, by searching on shell, SM3 and Felippa.  

I  need a holiday - I cannot find this or the ODE Solver 



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Hmm, in your post above you have "by searching on shell, SM3 and Felippa"

Google search on: shell SM3 Felippa

yields no match (yet the text is clearly on this site)

Google search on: SM3 Felippa

yields no match

Google search on:Felippa

finds 4 matches, one of which is this thread.

One of the hits has:

This contains some code in #1 from Berkeley from Powell's group (thread posting by you 12/1/2015). I do not know if that is what you are looking for.

Another link:, post #9 from you has

"I agree - step 1 is complete, and Professor Felippa - code author just sent me the original Fortran - so I can move to Step 2."

Apparently you have the original Felippa code somewhere, as to if this equates to the Intel code I cannot say. In that thread on #17 you uploaded Would that have the file you are looking for? There are other items listed in that post. You may want to revisit that thread.

Jim Demspey






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Thank you -- I really appreciate the help.

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This may lead you to someone that can help:

When there, click on hyperlink Feap on left side of page column of links. He is a professor with similar interests.

Jim Dempsey