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Does anyone know I can internally change KMP_AFFINITY in the sub-process invoked from my program?  My experiment shows it does not work with intel compiler but however it is under gcc compiler.

here is the example:

let's say I have KMP_AFFINITY=scatter, which is for my main process. Then inside main process before invoking another executable as the sub-process, putenv is used to modify KMP_AFFINITY=none for the sub-process.

is this supposed to work? my run shows the KMP_AFFINITY=none does not apply to the sub-process if intel compiler is used to compile and link my main program. but it is with gcc compiler.

when I double check the environment, in the sub-process, there is one extra environment variable for my exe with intel compiler



what does this guy do and how to explain such difference? Thank you


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Please explain whether you are discussing nested OpenMP; if so, why you didn't try appropriate OMP_PROC_BIND settings for the multiple levels.  Coming here with the same lack of specification which failed to satisfy you on stackoverflow is just wasting our time.