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LM 2.6 install on Linux fails to run the after installation configuration correctly



I am trying to install the Intel License Manager 2.6 for Linux on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 box. 

I have unpacked the tarball 'l_isl_server_p_2.6.0.003.tgz' and have run the install script, specifying my own installation path and location to the license file retrieved from my product page. 

The installation appears to complete without errors and creates the 'licenserver' which has the following contents

# ls -l licenseserver/

total 19604

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  1327200 Jul 31 15:29 chklic
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root root    39282 Sep  7 03:16 END_USER_LICENSE
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root        0 Nov 21 14:10 flex350.log
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root root  2526893 Jul 31 15:26 fnp_LicAdmin.pdf
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root     5000 Jul 31 15:29 getip
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root root    23092 Jul 24 16:17 HowTo.html
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  1642776 Jul 31 15:29 INTEL
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 11522648 Jul 31 15:29
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root       52 Nov 24 12:03 liclist.tmp
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root        6 Nov 24 12:03 lmdown -> lmutil
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  1537824 Jul 31 15:28 lmgrd
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root     5167 Nov 24 12:03 lmgrd.log
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root        6 Nov 24 12:03 lmhostid -> lmutil
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root        6 Nov 24 12:03 lmremove -> lmutil
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root        6 Nov 24 12:03 lmreread -> lmutil
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root        6 Nov 24 12:03 lmstat -> lmutil
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root        6 Nov 24 12:03 lmswitchr -> lmutil
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  1360776 Jul 31 15:29 lmutil
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root        6 Nov 24 12:03 lmver -> lmutil
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root root    20229 Jul 24 16:17 README
drwxr-xr-x 6 root root     4096 Nov 24 12:03 uninstall
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root      182 Sep  7 03:18
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root    21257 Sep  7 03:18

However, upon reading the README file (see below) it seems as though I am missing some files, namely the lmgrd.rc file used to start the license server and the server.lic file. 

Is this expected behaviour?

# cat licenseserver/README 

The Intel(R) Software License Manager provides license
servers and utilities for use with Intel(R) Software Product,
when counted licenses are used.

Before configuration this directory should contain files:

   HowTo.html                   - Contains a "How To" help html file.
   INTEL                        - The Intel(R)-specific VENDOR Daemon.
   INTEL_libFNP.__ACT_EXT__           - Activation library for INTEL
   Install_INTEL                - A shell script to configure this directory.
   README                       - This file.
   chklic                       - A utility for checking license contents.
   chklic_libFNP.__ACT_EXT__          - Activation library for chklic.
   fnp_LicAdmin.pdf             - The FLEXnet* License Administration Guide.
   getip                        - A command to retrieve the host name and IP address.
   lmgrd                        - The FLEXnet* licensing Daemon.
   lmutil                       - The FLEXnet* utilities executable.
   END_USER_LICENSE             - End-User License Agreement

After configuration the following files should have been created:

   Install_INTEL.log   - Log of any/all installation attempts.
   Install_INTEL.cfg   - Saved settings from most recent install.
   lmgrd.rc            - A sample boot start-up file (see NOTE below).
   server.lic          - The server license file.
   lmcksum@            - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for computing checksums of a license file.
   lmdiag@             - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for diagnosis of license checkout problems.
   lmdown@             - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for shutdown of license daemons.
   lmhostid@           - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for reporting the hostid of the system
   lminstall@          - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for generating licenses from decimal format.
   lmremove@           - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for removing an endusers license.
   lmreread@           - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for causing the "lmgrd" to re-read the
                         license file.
   lmstat@             - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for reporting status of licensing activities.
   lmswitchr@          - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for switching the report writer.
   lmver@              - A soft link (ln -s) to "lmutil"
                         for reporting the FLEXnet* version of a file.


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