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License server issue


I am trying to do an install on a new computer using an existing license server of the Intel 18 Fortran Compiler.  Based on the content of the intel.lic file, how can I determine which intel package to download.  I've already tried 2 :/


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I'm not exactly sure what your question is. Typically there is just one download for all editions of Intel Parallel Studio and your license determines what gets installed. You can deduce the edition by looking at the COMPONENT= list, for example: COMPONENTS="Comp-FW  Comp-OpenMP Comp-PointerChecker DAAL-W FCompW MKernW" . This tells me it is Composer Edition for Fortran Windows.

If you're using a license server, you can read the installation guide at If you have an existing license file, which contains a SERVER line, specify that rather than a serial number when you install.

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