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Linking Visual Fortran to Visual Studio 2013

I seem to have an issue with linking some files. There seems to be a LNK2019 error defined as acar_solver_vesion.obj: error LNK2019: __imp___acrt_iob_func referenced in function printf.
acar_solver_vesion.obj: error LNK2019: __imp___acrt_iob_func referenced in function printf.
acar_solver_vesion.obj: error LNK2019: __imp___stdio_common_vprintf referenced in function_ vfprintf_1.
Could you please help me in understanding these errors. Is it an issue with ADAMS or the FORTRAN code or linking the FORTRAN code with Visual Studio and how do I solve such an issue.
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This error happens when you have a mixed C/Fortran application and the settings for the two languages don't agree as to which set of run-time libraries are to be used.This thread has some additional information, though it is C/C++ specific. My guess would be that your Fortran code specifies linking to static libraries and not DLL libraries. Right click on the project, select Properties. Then Fortran > Libraries. Set "Use Run-Time Library" to "Multithread DLL /MD" and do a full rebuild of the project. That may help.

Another way this can happen is if you have C code built with VS2013 or earlier and link to VS2015 or later libraries.


Hi Steve, thank you for your suggestion. My project seems to be missing some libraries from ADAMS and so I have this issue. I shall look into that