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LoadLibrary works in Debug mode but fails on Release

We have some very old Fortran code (developed in mid 90s) built into dll to be used in C++ projects.  Recently we upgraded to Parallel Studio Fortran compiler 9.1.

Calling LoadLibrary from C++ returns error code 127 "The specified procedure could not be found".  Compared the dumbpin results, the following is in the Debug version, but libifcoremd.dll is definitely missing from the Release:

              10028080 Import Address Table
              1002DDB8 Import Name Table
                     0 time date stamp
                     0 Index of first forwarder reference

                  14F for_emit_diagnostic

Can someone give me a hint where I need to look at to find the cause?

Many thanks!
Andrew Li


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Duplicate - ignore.

Duplicate - ignore.

Steve (aka "Doctor Fortran") -
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