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May I enquire that can I install oneAPI and have Fortran Compiler


"parallel_studio_xe_2020_update4_cluster_edition_setup" has  "Fortran Compiler"

but it needs  "Serial number."

"oneAPI" is free but it does not have  "Fortran Compiler"?

Then is I use ASPEN V10 with Fortran in Calculator it has the following problems:

ASPCOMP: Warning! Intel Fortran compiler ifort.exe not found in %PATH% ASPCOMP: Warning! Microsoft C runtime library msvcrt.lib not found in %LIB% ASPCOMP: Warning! Microsoft C runtime library is needed for Dynamic Linking. ASPCOMP: Warning! Intel Fortran runtime library libifcoremd.lib not found in % ASPCOMP: Warning! Intel Fortran runtime library is needed for Dynamic Linking. ifort.exe /nologo /c -DAWINNTN -DWIN32 -I. "-IC:\Program Files (x86)\AspenT

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First open an Intel Fortran command window from the Start Menu (or otherwise, by running the script SETVARS.BAT in the Intel OneApi base directory). Run Aspen or another third party software from that command window, and that software should then be able to find IFort  and the Intel and VC directories.

You could have the PATH system environment variable modified to enable Ifort to be found from any command window, but there are several disadvantages that such a change brings with it.

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You need Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit and the HPC toolkit the fortran compiler is not in the Base toolkit it is an add on in the HPC toolkit.  

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You don't need the Base Toolkit anymore, unless you also want MKL.

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In the Start Menu, under AspenPlus, you should see a utility called "Set Compiler for AspenPlus". Clicking that will bring up a menu that allows you to select the correct compiler. The utility automatically configures your computer for the chosen compiler and also detects all the compilers installed on your system so you can pick among different versions.

Since you have V10 installed (~ 2017 version) and OneAPI was released late last year, it is possible that the utility is not configured to recognize the new version. In that case, you should refer to my instructions in the post below. You will have to edit a file named "compilers.cfg" with any standard text editor (Notepad or Notepad++) to make the modifications I have explained below.


You should also install the Aspen Update Agent to update your software with the latest patches, which may update the compiler utility as well.