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Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition


I need Intel Fortran 11.0.061 for compiling a software. There is no errors while running the install and it seems to install along with (with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition*) which I can see in the control panel, While running checks with compiling software ( Fortran Medic Utility ) to test if intel Fortran 11 is installed it fails with the following error that visual studio vs2005 does not appear to be installed. Running Windows 10 1809 version on a domain joined machine, Tested on fresh install same error while running checks


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VS2005 isn't supported on Windows 10.  Nor Windows 7. Microsoft at one time had an article explaining how to get it to work on Windows Vista - required you to run it as Administrator.

You don't "need" that ancient version of Intel Fortran. Use a current version.

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