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PSXE 19U5 and VS 2019 (16.8.5 and others) integration issue

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I am not sure if this (annoying) bug is on the Intel side or the Microsoft side... I am posting this here for the Intel team to look at it.

  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. Go to Tools, Options, Intel Compilers and Libraries, Visual Fortran.
  3. Under Free Format Extensions, in Headers, type *.inc (for instance).
  4. Click OK.
  5. Still in Visual Studio, open a Fortran project.
  6. In the Solution Explorer, "Add" a "New Item...". Type the name of a file with the extension selected in step 3.

Now, every time you go in Solution Explorer and edit the name of that file, Visual Studio will hang and crash.

The workaround is to avoid using custom extensions for header files... which means that syntax highlighting is lost (clearly not ideal).

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No hang or crash with oneAPI 2021.1.1 + VS2019 (16.7.6)

This is not exactly related to this issue but please see supported VS versions vs Compiler version: note 

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