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Parallel Studio 2017 refuses to re-install


I apologize in advance because this probably isn't an appropriate venue for this question, but I've gotten nothing but useless replies to my support ticket for two months and I'm at the end of my rope.  I'm hoping somebody here has seen this issue before.

We have a floating license for Intel Parallel Studio XE that I used to install the 2017 version (update 5) on my Linux box.  For various reasons I ended up removing it but didn't use the official script, I just removed the entire installation directory along with the ~/intel folder.  Now when I try to re-install, I get an error message that "Based on activation information all available components are already installed on this system."  There is no option for re-installing anyway or repairing the install; it will only let me quit at that point.

I'm pretty sure this activation information is not on my local box so either it is stored somewhere on the shared license server or on Intel's servers, but I don't know where and Intel support isn't helping me figure it out.  Does anyone with floating license experience know where that info is stored?

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Did you remove all the RPMs? 

I wrote THIS ARTICLE years and years ago but it's still applicable.  Version numbers are very outdated but the technique should still work.

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