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Please help setup software in Linux(Ubuntu).


I'm inexperienced with Linux and software development. I'm hoping someone can help me get everything set up with intel Parallel Studio software and get going using the Fortran compiler. As a student I have access to Parallel Studio and since I'm in need of a Fortran compiler, this seemed to be my best option. I don't particularly need all the other software that comes with, but nonetheless I need help getting things set up so I can use the compiler for school work. Again I'm just learning to use Linux so I really need help setting up the software.

Ive been through the proccess of installing the software and now I'm stuck. I've followed the directions given in the installation guide (couldn't copy link to here, but I could copy and paste the link in the summery  under '(1)') and now I'm stuck on section 5.5 'Getting Started.' Section 5.5 directs me to a .htm file which provides a link to more instructions (linked in the summery under '(2)'). Now specifically where I'm stuck is in the 'prerequisite' section of link (2), which also prevents me from moving onto 5.6 of link (1) which is verifying cluster configuration. I will need help with section 5.6 of link (1) as well, but for now I think I should work on the prereq. section of link (2).

I can locate the file and execute as directed. Where I run into trouble and don't know what to do next, is the results I receive from executing this file. The results I get from executing this file are as listed " Warning: Hardware event collection is disabled by default. To enable it, run with --vtune (recommended) or --papo option. ...(copyright stuff)."

What do I do next? I don't really know what vtune is exactly or how to perform this task.

I greatly appreciate any help.

Thank you, Tyler

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Those warnings about setting up for VTune don't have any effect until you want to use the VTune performance profiler.  When you do, you could take up the advice it gave you.  There are a bunch of details in use of VTune which aren't well explained, so you may wish to leave all that until you need it and have become more familiar first with the compiler.

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