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Q about debugging hassle

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I have noticed that when my program crashes, for subscript out of range, for example, I dont get any symbolic information in that particular subroutine.

Also, there is no pointer to the source code where that occurs.

I do get a message in the output pane, though, saying where it occurred at least.

Is there a way around this ?

Otherwise I can debug with symbols as expected.

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Any chance you could post a reproducer?  I would not expect that behavior.

          thanks --


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When a subscript out of range is detected, it is (assumption) by way of a call to a "test for subscript out of bounds" routine, which then in turn performs an assert to display the message. It may be the case that the stack frame is down two levels to code that has no debug symbolic information. To get around this, open (or locate) the call stack window, and click on the stack level that contains the statement as mentioned in the error message. If there is no information there, then the debug information was either stripped out by the linker or the routine may have been inlined through optimization.

Jim Dempsey