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QuickWin & OpenGL


We've had a debugging tool around for a very long time, developed and maintained in QuickWin to display surfaces and structures that have been analyzed in some engineering analysis code. We need to extend the display capability (polygons with a transparency, etc) and are thinking of using OpenGL. I haven't found an example (even a primitive one) that uses QuickWin and OpenGL. Has anyone had experience with this? Know of examples? 

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I don't think you can use OpenGL in a QuickWin window, but I suppose you could create a new window using the Windows API and have OpenGL operate there. You should look at the OpenGL samples Intel provides in the Parallel Studio XE Samples Bundle.

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I did OGL and quickwin a few years back but later ditched the quickwin for win SDK only. A couple of things, as Steve says you need to open an OGL compatible window, you can't have QW and OGL in the same window. Also, as you will need to process some messages, e.g. for paint/refresh of the OGL window it gets a bit tricky/clumsy. I recall you need a message processing loop in the main program to capture/process messages  for the OGL window before sending other messages on into the ether for the inaccessible Quickwin message proc to deal with.  I got it to work but concluded the quickwin was not designed for this type of thing so that is not a good solution.