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SETWINDOWCONFIG scroll bar won’t go away


Using VS2022 Community Edition with Intel Fortran, the horizontal scroll bar on the child window won’t go away.


To investigate this issue I created a short test code. I compiled and ran it in Compaq Visual Fortran Professional Edition 6.5.0. Then, adding the Intel Fortran libraries to the code, I compiled and ran it in MS VS2022 Community Ed. (64 bit) ver 17.0.4 with Intel Fortran Compiler Classic and Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows 2022.2.19749.


Running the code in Compaq Visual Fortran results in a child window with no scroll bars. Running the same code in VS Community/Intel Fortran Classic results in a horizontal scroll bar and no vertical scroll bar. No matter how I change the values in the winfo and wc structures (types) of setwsizeqq and setwindowconfig, there is always one more character (width) in the window configuration than in the window size, resulting in a horizontal scroll bar.


Further, the child window created in Compaq Visual Fortran does NOT scroll when the pgm runs, but the child window created by VS Community DOES scroll up. I cannot find a studio control or compiler setting in the Intel Fortran Reference or in the Studio pull-down menus that controls scrolling and not scrolling when a child window is opened.


There are scroll commands for a text window but I need to use setwindowconfig for the graphics, and I don’t know if graphics will work the same way in a text window.


Does anyone know of a function, function attribute, studio or compiler setting to eliminate this horizontal scroll bar? Is there a way to correct the problem and recompile setwindowconfig in ifqwin.fxx without having to install a new Fortran compiler?


Thank you.



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Are you running a QuickWin application?

If yes, does increasing the horizontal width of the child window eliminate the horizontal scroll bar?

If yes, then prior to 1st show window, increase the horizontal width of the child window a tad.


Jim Dempsey


Yes, I am creating a QuickWin application.


Increasing the width of the child window using winfo%x (of setwsizeqq) to a value greater than wc%numtextcols (of setwindowconfig) does NOT eliminate the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the child window.


In contrast, increasing the height of the child window using winfo%y (of setwsizeqq) to a value greater than wc%numtextrows (of setwindowconfig) DOES eliminate the vertical scroll bar on the right side of the child window.


In summary, the horizontal scroll bar does NOT behave as it did in Compaq Fortran, however the vertical scroll bar does behave as it did in Compaq Fortran.


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A long long time since I have used Quickwin. I think the horizontal scroll comes automatically as a function of the specified number of text cols in the selected font being more pixels than the width. So you need to change font,  increase pixels or reduce cols I think.


I tried all three (and more) but nothing got rid of the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the child window.