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Single and double precision time.

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Morning Tony, I guess it has slipped your mind but I have previously drawn your attention to the famous one handed clock installed in the Keswick Moot Hall in 1813 or 1814 by Richard Young of Newcastle. It was restored in 2007 by The Cumbria Clock Company of Dacre. And no, the minute hand didn't drop off one stormy night, a rare event in Keswick. The clock was designed that way when an approximation of the time, by judging the position of the hand between the hour marks, was adequate for the good residents of Keswick in an age before our time obsessed era. Strange to think that Wordsworth, Southey, Coleridge et al almost certainly glanced up at that clock as they passed through Keswick. 

This is from the Lakeland Cam website today.  Clearly single and double precision was of some interest to the olden folk.  This is 9 generations ago. 

This is in the Lake District in England.  

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