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Slow editor response

New Contributor I

Quite often the Visual Studio editor response slows down due to Fortran Integration --- Compile 19.0 update 5 (package 281) with VS2019. Eventually (sometimes) there is a pop-up (from the VS), indicating one of the extensions (Fortran IDE) is slowing things down.


There have been posts earlier indicating turning off intellisense and other options.

These options/tools are very useful; hence, what are the latest recommendations for usage of editor extensions? It does get excruciatingly slow; to the point that one is forced to close VS instance and open again. There appears some delta-time after which whatever is running in background/listening to the edits 'get tired'.... and the editor becomes useless.



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Yup, the problem has been around for years. I never found any workaround, I got to live with closing and opening again at the first sign of the issue. I am not seeing this problem with VS2022 but that has other problems that are maybe worse for me (debugging watching). I am hoping the VS integration issues on VS2022 get fixed soon.