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Slower code on one of CPUs


Hi All,

I have a problem with my code written in Fortran. I am using Visual Studio 10 as platform and I have Intel parallel Studio XE 2013. 

Recently I upgraded my computer and added another CPU. Now I have two Intel Xeon CPUs E5-2609 v2 @2.5 GHz. I am not sure but I think the processing becomes very slow when the second CPU is utilised. It is more evident when only one core is being used. 

I should say that I didn't reinstall the visual studio and the Intel Fortran package after the upgrade. Do you think, reinstalling will help or there is something else happening that is slowing down the processing.

All the best,



PS: I installed Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool and checked my CPUs, both are fine and passed the measures.



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