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Statement function with mixed mode expression causes ICE with 2017U1

This is a simplified reproducer for the compiler bug reported in .

The bug does not occur with version, but can be seen with version (32 and 64 bit target). Compiling with /Od is enough to trigger the ICE. If the constant "2d0" in the ASF definition on line-2 is replaced by "2.0" or "2.0e0", the ICE disappears. If the third dummy argument "fot" of the ASF is replaced by something different in name from the second argument of the main function, the ICE disappears.

      function fcph(t,fot)
      cp(c2,t,fot) = c2*t+ (fot/2d0)  ! <<== Statement Function
      fcph = cp(0.024,t,fot)


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Thanks! Escalated as

Thanks! Escalated as DPD200415852.

Retired 12/31/2016
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