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Switching from Parallel Studio to oneAPI Issues

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I had previously installed the following:

Visual Studio Community 2017

Parallel Studio 2019 updates 5, 4, and 3

Parallel studio's license expired and I learned that I should now install the oneAPI basic and HPC to continue using Fortran Compiler.

I installed both one API packages and the installer was able to identify the VS 2017 as well as the installed Compiler 19.0 on my machine, and showed the status of the Fortran compiler is "installed". However, after installation, Visual Studio 2017 does not recognize Fortran compiler is installed on the computer, in fact, the option to create a Fortran project is gone. Using the "Compiler 19.0 Update 5 for Intel 64 Visual Studio 2017 environment" command line directly says the license is expired.

I am currently in the process of uninstalling everything to re-install Visual Studio Community 2019 as well as one API. Since this is a long process, I want to ask if anyone else faced this problem and if the issue persists, what else can I try?



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Sometimes just an uninstall and reinstall of the compiler fixes these integration issues.