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Unable to access Premier Support

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Today for the first time I tried to access Premier Support for Fortran XE. My previous credentials did not work for logging in, so I reset the PW. Now, when I go to and log in I get an error screen "Salesforce single sign-on error".

I have submitted an error report to Intel (no response yet). Has anyone successfully accessed Premier Support since the web site change of Feb 12?

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We are receiving issues through the new portal so it is working for others. Just to check on where you submitted your error report, customers are asked to visit Customer Support and call or submit an email at the address provided there. They should contact you within 48-hours.

Please keep us posted on this being resolved.

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I have spent a lot of time on this, and gotten no assistance whatsoever. I have attached a screen shot of what happens when I try to log in.Below is the history to date:

1) I submitted a support request.

2) SMG Customer Support said "Thank you for contacting us for Technical Assistance.For IPS support, kindly submit your ticket at".

3) I submitted another support request.

4) SCSD Enterprise Support said  "We have received your ticket number INC005119118; however, we would like to request more information". I provided the information.

5) SCSD Enterprise Support said "Thank you for trying to access IPS Cloud. Please contact your Intel Sales Representative so they can work with you on getting you access to IPS Cloud".