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Undefined reference to _for_realloc_lhs


Good Morning,

I am currently trying to compile a SDK that was handed to me, however, i am running into an issue i can't resolve.

The SDK's documentation requires the installation of Intel Fortran  Redistributable Library, parallel studioXE 2017.

When i am launching the the build, i get multiple errors "Unresolved external symbol _for_realloc_lhs".

i have seen on this forum someone who had the same problem and he was told this came from the use of a fortran compiler that was too recent, However, the SDK i am trying to build features pre-built fortran libraries, which i do not own the sources.

I would like to know if there is anything i am missing here, or if the libraries i was handled were compiled with the wrong tools.

If yes, would there be a way to download old enough fortran libraries in order to be able to work with this SDK.


Tank you in advance

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You also asked this on Stack Overflow, and I see from your edited post there (thank you) that you're on Windows. This is the Linux/Mac forum, the Windows forum is here.

From the additional information you gave there, it seems that you are using a very old redistributable (from version 11.1) and you need to get the current one (for Windows, not Linux.)


I am so sorry for the mistake i made posting on this forum. I also made another post because this one took a very long time to appear on the forum and i though i did not send it properly, please ignore it.

Finally, i can tell the problem i am having is related to the installer, i will post on the windows forum & stack overflow.


Your answers are very helpful, thanks!