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Using latest Intel® Compilers to Mitigate Speculative Execution Side-Channel Issues


The Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 (IPSXE2018) Update 2 has been released together with the Intel compiler 18.0.2. This version of Intel compiler provides the fix for Spectre variant 2. Please refer to this article for more information -

We will keep you posted when any additional fixes will be available.

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Black Belt

I do not see why Specter and Meltdown exploits are solely the fault of the CPU design. I suspect that these exploits on Intel64 systems could be mitigated by placing the "protected" information within a page, who's page table entry has the Page-level cache disable (PCD) flag set. This then becomes an O/S software related issue that would have minimal overhead impact.

Jim Dempsey

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